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Camino de Santiago: Start | April 12, 2017.

Chapter 0: Start

“Why do you want to walk here?"

As the famous book about Camino de Santiago called “Immortelle randonnée : Compostelle malgré moi", this is the very question that everyone will ask you while you trekked on this way.

“I came here because it’s my gap year."

“I just quit my job!"

“I don’t know what I can do at the moment, so I am here.”

It seems that everyone wants to make some change or decisions in this phase of transfer of their lives. And that’s also a reason why I was there at the point.

“Well, I am here to find some questions about my life, not answers." I replayed.

Everyone knows that it’s a journey you can meditate a lot, but my problem is that I don’t know what I need to think of or figure out. So I need to find the theme and topic first.

“Future, work, family, life, me and myself”. I thought.

Now, I have finished my trekking all the way. I have thought every parts of my life, I made some decisions and had a clear direction about something, but I still couldn’t find the specific questions. I’d like to share my daily life and funny stories about this trip, it’s personal but you will see something interesting to reflect our same circumstances if any.

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