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YuShan, Mt.Jade, 3952m

*Main peak from Southern ridge.

YuShan, Mt.Jade, 3952m

There are several ways to hike to Yushan, also named Mt.Jade, which is the highest peak in Taiwan at the altitude of 3,952 meters above the sea level.

Normally, hikers start from Tataka Trailhead to Paiyun Lodge for a stay overnight. Then they usually wake up early around 2 to 3 a.m for a very morning hike when the sun isn’t rise at all. Waiting sunrise in main peak is always the best and must-do experience in this route.

There are 9 peaks around here belong to Baiyue, which means the top 100 peaks of Taiwan, so you can also hike to main peak from the many ways, like Laonong River Campground from Batongguan trail, the most gorgeous and historical trail. Also, you can stay one night in Yuanfeng Cabin then hike to main peak from southern ridge.

There are spruce trees, hemlock trees, fir trees, Yushan junipers, rhododendron, and a variety of alpine flowers on the way. It’s a trail that you’ll definitely enjoy.

*Main peak from .Batongguan.


Yushan peaks trail

There are mainly two lodges hikers can stay overnight indoor with application beforehand, or you can apply and plan to carry your tent or cover to camp on specific camping areas.

Routes recommended:

Plan A - Difficulty 5.0/10.0

Day 1 / Tataka Trailhead → 8.5K Paiyun Lodge (If possible, Yushan west peak back and forth.)

Day 2 / (early morning) Paiyun Lodge → Yushan → Yushan North Peak → Paiyun Lodge → Tataka Trailhead

Plan B - Difficulty 7.0/10.0

Day 1 / Tataka Trailhead → 12.7K Yuanfeng Cabin

Day 2 / Yuanfeng Cabin → Mt.Jade south peak → East Xiaonan Mountain → Yuanfeng Cabin

Day 3 / Yuanfeng Cabin → Yushan → Paiyun Lodge → Tataka Trailhead

Plan C - Difficulty 9.5/10.0 (It's illegal and not allowed at the moment)

Day 1 / Dongpu Trailhead → Guangao Mountaineering service station (has been closed)

Day 2 / Guangaoping → Laonong River Campground

Day 3 / Laonong River Campground → Yushan → Paiyun Lodge → Tataka Trailhead

Leave No Trace, The 7 Principles.

  1. Plan Ahead & Prepare *You must apply online before the hike.

  2. Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces *There are several specific camping sites.

  3. Dispose of Waste Properly

  4. Leave What You Find

  5. Minimize Campfire Impacts *No campfires are allowed in National park.

  6. Respect Wildlife *Don't feed them, please.

  7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors

*Winter season here is not easy to hike, equipments are necessary.

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